Kris Ford

Kris Ford is the owner of Studio 617 and has been tattooing since 2010. 
He specializes mainly in black & grey realism and black work, but also enjoys when he has the chance to blend styles together to create something unique.
He graduated from Tennessee Wesleyan College with an art degree. He enjoys all forms of art and enjoys wood burning and painting in addition to tattooing. 
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 "I had always been interested in art, but I didn't start drawing until high school. I started drawing abstract designs and then eventually moved on to portraits. I ended up going to Tennessee Wesleyan College for art/education. After graduating I started my tattoo apprenticeship. I was working in Knoxville for a couple years before opening my own studio in Maryville,Tn. 

Due to my art background, I love tattooing black and grey realism. I specialize in portraits, but I love adding splashed of color into my tattoos as well. My tattoo style is constantly evolving.  


Since I began tattooing in 2010 I have always focused on growth. In order to give my clients the best experience possible I have dedicated my life to my career. I take pride in my tattoos and my tattoo studio” - Kris Ford