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Kris Ford

Kris Ford is the owner of Studio 617 and has been tattooing since 2010. 
He specializes mainly in black & grey realism/surrealism.
He graduated from Tennessee Wesleyan College with an art degree. He enjoys all forms of art and enjoys wood burning and painting in addition to tattooing. 
  • Instagram - Black Circle

 "I had always been interested in art, but I didn't start drawing until high school. I started drawing abstract designs and then eventually moved on to portraits. I ended up going to Tennessee Wesleyan College for art/education. After graduating I started my tattoo apprenticeship. I was working in Knoxville for a couple years before opening my own studio in Maryville,Tn. 

Due to my art background, I love tattooing black and grey realism. I specialize in portraits, but I love adding splashed of color into my tattoos as well. My tattoo style is constantly evolving.  


Since I began tattooing in 2010 I have always focused on growth. In order to give my clients the best experience possible I have dedicated my life to my career. I take pride in my tattoos and my tattoo studio” - Kris Ford

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