Tattoo Aftercare
•    Remove Saniderm per your artist recommendation (typically 3-5 days) , it is typically the easiest to do in the shower
•    Gently wash your tattoo with anti-bacterial soap (we recommend Dial Gold Liquid) using only your fingertips (no wash cloth, loofa, sponge, etc.)
*Expect some plasma (black and/or colorful goo) to wash off for the first day or day or two.  This is a normal part of your body’s healing process.
•    Allow tattoo to air dry or use a paper towel (do NOT use a cloth towel)
•    Once your tattoo is clean and dry, cover with new sheet of Saniderm and leave on for 3-4 days.
*If your Saniderm becomes loose or you notice water/liquid under the bandage, please remove and follow the instructions below.
•    For the remainder of your tattoos healing (approximately 4 weeks) wash with Dial Gold and apply a thin layer of aftercare twice a day.  Please use the aftercare product recommended by your artist during your appointment.
•    Due to the healing process, your tattoo will itch and most likely peel. DO NOT SCRATCH OR PICK at your tattoo. Ever. 
•    During the healing process, do not swim, tan, scratch, pick, or apply scented lotions to your tattoo. 

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