Michael Clester has been tattooing since 2012. He specializes in illustrative neo-traditional tattooing. His tattoos are characterized by bold colors, smooth blending, and unique subject matter! He takes great pride in giving his clients beautiful, custom pieces!

Michael Clester

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"I've been tattooing 6 years, my father has been tattooing since I was really young, and I spent lots of time in tattoo shops hanging out with heavily tattooed people which peeked my interest at a young age. It wasn't until my early 20's that tattooing fell into my lap and I was learning the trade. My favorite styles of tattooing and what I'm known for is new school color work and neo traditional, but I like to be able to tattoo anything to suit someone's needs for their art. I was located in North Carolina before moving to the state of Tennessee to work for Studio 617 in Maryville. I'm happy to be a part of everything we are doing here at the studio and look forward to working with any and all clients who seek out my work!"

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Photography: Atomic City Photography